Liposuction is a type of aesthetic surgery performed for the purpose of shaping the body and removing the fat tissues accumulated in certain parts of the body such as waist, hips and belly. In no way should it be considered as weight loss surgery.

Before the liposuction surgery, the structure of the regions where the fat accumulation is intense is examined in detail and the methods to be followed in liposuction surgery are determined.

General anesthesia combined with local anesthesia or only local anesthesia is applied in liposuction surgery.

Prior to liposuction surgery, liquid is injected to the area where the surgery will be performed. Since the injected fluid reduces bleeding in the surgical site, the accumulated fat is easier to remove. The accumulated fat in the surgical site is removed and cleaned by the suction device .

The duration of liposuction surgery is directly proportional to the amount of fat to be removed and the width of the surgical site. Patients should wear corsets for a certain period of time in order to prevent swelling that may occur after surgery.

Leakage may occur in the area where fat is removed with liposuction surgery for a maximum of one day. Leaks disappear completely on the day after surgery. However, fluid accumulation can be seen in the surgical site for 48 hours. From the third day, the amount of accumulated fluid begins to decrease. After surgery, patients may experience fatigue due to fluid loss. During this period, patients should take supplementary fluid in order to feel better.

Because of the swelling that will occur in the body immediately after liposuction surgery, weight loss will not be seen in a short time and slight weight gain may also be seen. There may be a mild, transient feeling of pain at the operation site after the operation. Pain can be controlled by painkillers or ice treatment.

Liposuction surgeries in order to remove the accumulated fat in certain parts of the body should be performed by aesthetic surgery specialists in aesthetic surgery centers.

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