Hair transplantation is a surgical intervention developed against hair loss, which is especially common in men. Because hair transplantation is a very serious surgical intervention, the intervention should be performed by aesthetic surgery specialists in full-fledged hospitals or clinics.

Hair loss, which leads to aesthetic and psychological problems, is a serious health problem and is mostly due to genetic reasons.

Patients who will undergo hair transplantation must follow some basic rules before the operation. Patients should stop smoking for at least one week and aspirin and painkillers for two weeks before the operation.

Patients should undergo a detailed health screening before hair transplantation. If the patients have any chronic diseases, they should be shared with the aesthetic surgery specialist.

The hair should not be dyed one week before hair transplantation, and no adhesive chemical should be applied to the hair one day before the operation.

Although the duration of hair transplantation is directly proportional to the hair quantity of the patient, hair transplantation operations last approximately 4 to 6 hours. Hair transplantation is performed painlessly by applying local anesthesia method.

Hair transplantation surgery can be applied to all patients having hair loss problem except patients who receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, patients with hormonal disorders, severe diabetes and blood pressure.

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