Deformation of the breasts with aging causes the shape and size to vary. Gravity also has a significant effect on sagging and deformations of the breasts.

With age, women suffer from deformed, sagging breasts, while the most common problem in young women is breast smallness.

It should be noted that breasts do not have the same beauty in every period of life.

Breast aesthetic surgeries performed in order to erect deformed, sagging breasts, reduce large breasts or enlarge small breasts are the most common type of aesthetic surgery performed after nose aesthetic surgery and give the most successful results.

In order to have beautiful breasts that are compatible with the body, breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast erecting operations should be performed by aesthetic surgery specialists in aesthetic surgery centers.

Breast augmentation surgery is the most applied type of aesthetic surgery after nose aesthetic surgery. Breast augmentation surgery, breasts are made compatible with the body by enlarging.

The fact that breasts are smaller than they should be according to body measurements pushes women to sexual identity crisis and brings psychological problems along with aesthetic problems.

Breast augmentation surgery, which eliminates the aesthetic problems of women’s breasts and psychological problems caused by these problems, can be performed to all women who have completed the development process and do not have any discomfort affecting the course of the surgery.

Age development, weight loss, pregnancy and lactation; it causes the nozzles to wear out, become empty and become sagging.

Saggy and deflated breasts cause aesthetic and psychological problems in women. Deflated and flaccid nozzles deformed by breast lift surgery are plumped and steepened with silicone and fillers.

Plumped and erect breasts make women feel psychologically good and aesthetically good.

Breast lift surgery can be performed on all women who have completed the development process without any discomfort affecting the course of the surgery.

Breast size disorder, which is generally seen in overweight women who have given birth, brings aesthetic and psychological problems. With breast reduction operations, the breasts are reduced in proportion to each other and to the body.

The disproportion between the breast reduction operations and the breast problem is eliminated and the aesthetic problems arising from the disproportion and size of the breasts in women are eliminated.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed to all women and men who have completed the development process and do not have any discomfort to affect the operation.

Things to do after breast aesthetic surgery:

After breast aesthetic surgery, the first two weeks should be lying on the back, the arms should be used as little as possible during the first two days.

After the breast aesthetic surgery, all the rules that the aesthetic surgery specialists want to be followed should be followed strictly and also because of the blood thinning effect, no aspirin should be used for at least 45 days.

After 1 week of breast aesthetic surgery, not too heavy work can be started.

1 week after breast aesthetic surgery, the bruising and swelling in the operation area will decrease and the sensation of feeling in the breast area will return. A few months after breast aesthetic surgery, breasts take their final and natural form.

The incision marks that occur during surgery are reduced as much as possible. A bra should be used to prevent sagging of the breasts after a certain period of time.

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