Skin-bound muscles where facial expressions are formed cause wrinkles on the face with the effect of aging. With the botox treatment method, the muscles under the face skin are loosened and softened by reducing wrinkles.

Some basic rules must be followed in order to be successful in the management of botox treatment which is applied with the aim of removing facial wrinkles with aging. The success of the botox treatment process at the desired level depends on the application of treatment in regular sessions. Botox treatment does not instantly show its positive effects on the face.

Following the treatment process, the positive effects of removing wrinkles on the face manifest itself within a minimum of two days. It takes a minimum of ten days for the face to take its final form after botox treatment.

The number of sessions and duration of treatment in botox treatment is directly proportional to the percentage of muscles in the face. As the percentage of muscles in the face increases, the number and duration of botox sessions  increase. Botox treatment, which is continued in frequent sessions in the first period of treatment, is continued in rarer sessions after a certain period of time has passed.

Botox treatment, which is extremely safe, has been used effectively in cosmetics for many years.

It can be applied effectively for wrinkles in the eye area, forehead, face and nose area and in eyebrow lift operations. The drug used in botox treatment continues to be effective only in the region where botox treatment is applied. Other muscles where treatment is not applied are not affected by the drugs used in the treatment process.

An average  botox treatment sessions lasts ten-minutes. After the botox treatment is completed, the patient should stay in an upright position for a minimum of one to two hours and avoid any compelling movements.

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