The aesthetic appearance of the body is very important for the self-esteem and mental health of individuals. If the body size is out of the ideal range, many people will feel uncomfortable due to these problem areas. Because of these negative feelings, self-esteem may be shaken and there may be reservations about participation in social activities.

Generally, the biggest complaint is undesirable regional fat excess which cannot be given. It is followed by deterioration caused by relaxation and sagging of the skin. Another problem is the parts of the body that do not have sufficient volume, such as legs and buttocks.

Body aesthetics operations against these problems: Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Arm Tension, Leg Tension operations are the first ones that come to mind.

Liposuction is a type of aesthetic surgery performed to remove the fat tissues accumulated in certain parts of the body such as waist, hips and belly and to shape the body. In no way should it be considered as slimming surgery.

Before the liposuction surgery, the structure of the regions where the lubrication is intense is examined in detail and the methods to be followed in liposuction surgery are determined.

General anesthesia and local anesthesia together or only local anesthesia is applied in liposuction surgery.

Prior to liposuction surgery, liquid is injected to the area where the surgery will be performed. Since the injected fluid reduces bleeding in the surgical site, the accumulated oil is easier to remove. The accumulated oils in the surgical area are removed by the suction motor and cleaned.

The duration of liposuction surgery is directly proportional to the amount of fat to be taken and the width of the operation area. Patients should wear corsets for a certain period of time to prevent swelling that may occur after surgery.

With liposuction surgery, leakage may occur in the area where fat is taken for a maximum of one day. After a day of surgery, leaks disappear completely. However, fluid accumulation can be seen in the operation site for 48 hours. From the third day, the amount of accumulated fluid begins to decrease. Postoperative patients may experience fatigue due to fluid loss. During this period, patients should make fluid supplementation in order to feel better.

Because of the swelling that will occur in the body immediately after liposuction surgery, weight loss will not be seen in a short time and light weight gain may also be seen. There may be a slight, severe pain feeling in the operation area after the operation. Pain can be controlled by painkillers or ice treatment.

Liposuction operations performed in order to remove the accumulated fat in certain parts of the body should be performed by aesthetic surgery specialists in aesthetic surgery centers.

Loosening and sagging occur in the abdominal region due to weight gain, weight loss or aging. These loosening and sagging observed in the abdominal region can be reduced by abdominal stretching surgery.

Abdominal loosening and sagging due to weight changes are especially observed in postpartum women.

Although abdominal stretching is directly proportional to the abdominal deformations of the patients, it takes approximately 2 hours. In surgery, skin and subcutaneous tissues are removed and the wall area of ​​the abdomen is strengthened.

After abdominal stretching, patients should strengthen their abdominal muscles by using a corset for a certain period of time. Although it varies according to the condition of the patients, the patients can return to their normal life after an average of 4-5 weeks after abdominal stretching operations.

Abdominal stretching, which is performed only to stretch the area under the navel, is called mini abdominal stretching. Mini abdominal stretching surgery is more limited than abdominal stretching surgery and does not have any effect on the waist and groin areas. Mini abdominal stretching surgery is applied to patients with loosening and sagging in the lower abdomen.

Abdominal stretching and mini abdominal stretching operations should be performed by aesthetic surgery specialists in aesthetic surgery clinics or full-fledged hospitals, and patients should undergo a detailed examination before abdominal stretching operations.

With aging, fat, muscle and bone tissues melt and sagging skin increases. Skin elasticity in arm skin is caused by genetic factors as well as aging.

As the melting of the skin and subcutaneous tissues accelerates, gravity begins to pull the skin more quickly, and the flaps in the arm become more pronounced. Skin sagging is eliminated with arm stretching surgery.

Arm stretching can be performed alone or in coordination with other body aesthetic surgeries. The patients are discharged on the same day if there is no other situation after the arm stretching operation which lasts approximately 1-2 hours depending on the patient’s condition.

Smoking should be stopped four weeks prior to arm lifting, and no smoking should be used for at least two weeks after surgery. Since cold or infection-related diseases prevent the arm lifting operation, the operation is postponed.

After arm lifting, regular dressing is applied to the area where the surgery is performed. After two weeks of treatment, surgical sutures are removed.

Leg stretching surgery is a type of aesthetic surgery performed with the aim of reducing the deformations observed in the leg area as in other parts of the body with aging.

The methods to be applied in leg stretching surgery are determined in direct proportion to the deformation rate in the legs. Liposuction and laser assisted liposuction are used for stretching the legs with slight deformation.

Surgical leg stretching is applied to the legs with advanced deformation. The main purpose of the leg stretching surgery is to achieve harmony in the body and to achieve an aesthetically smooth appearance.

Leg stretching surgery is performed by applying local anesthesia or general anesthesia methods according to the size of the operation. Although the operation varies according to the patient’s condition, it takes between 1 and 3 hours on average.

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